Discover new locations
with a new experience!

Virtual guide with Augmented Reality assistance.

World is changing and it’s time to discover all the unseen locations in a new way!

Take your friend, family or just start your journey alone today with Tripsolo application. Discover exciting information about the locations all over the country.



Tripsolo application is free to use! You can use it on Android and iOS mobile devices.

If you want to use mobile application, most important that the device, which is being used would support "Augmented reality" (AR) function. All the devices, which support this kind of function can be check following this LINK.

If you can't find your device in the provided link table, sorry for all the inconvience and we hope that in future you will be able to experience everything, what "Tripsolo" offers.

Various locations that you haven't seen or that were just discovered! The whole app was created in order to help people discover unseen locations around Lithuania. Locations are sorted by categories - themes. This way everyone might find something of their interest.

Absolutely YES! Mobile application developers will include more and more new locations and point of interest \sthat can be discovered. At launch, all users will see only a portion of what we have prepared. The list will be bigger in the near future.We invite you to visit the app regularly to see what we've uploaded. You can also visit our official Facebook page where all the updates will be publishes!

Yes for sure! The purpose of creators of Tripsolo is to form a community to share interesting objects and locations for others to discover. It is very easy to do! You can simply visit our Reddit page and offer any location you find really interesting. Reddit users will vote for the most interesting locations and this way, the highest ranked locations will be included in the Tripsolo app.

Mobilioji programėlė „Tripsolo“ yra kuriama VšĮ „Jaunimo laisvalaikio tinklas“. Mes esame kelionių ir įvairių renginių organizatoriai įkvėpti šūkio „Gyvenimas prasideda už Komforto zonos ribų!“ ir siekiantys parodyti netradicinio turizmo objektus. Jei norėtumėte gyvos ekskursijos, prašome kreiptis el. paštu: arba tiesiog apsilankant mūsų puslapyje YouthLeisure.Net.

Start exploring!

Important information

Visiting abandoned locations might be dangerous!

Objects in some of the locations are not looked after and may cause harm to human health. If you decide to visit any of the abandoned locations, all possible risks are taken by the visitor and developers of the Tripsolo application are not responsible for any damage caused. Potentially dangerous locations will be marked with a pop-up warning in the application.

Application is meant only for presenting interesting and outstanding locations

Mobile application "Tripsolo" is meant only for presenting interesting and outstanding locations and objects. Everyone who decides to travel and visit the presented objects do so by their own decision. Creators of the application are not responsible in any way for the actions of people who are visiting these locations.